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Join us Sept. 25, 2020! Only $29. Limited Space! 

Time is TBD
United International College
Discover the best strategies to move your business forward from 4 of the top business experts in South Florida! You'll leave with the FORWARD MOTION to grow your business.

Discover the best strategies to move your business forward  from the top experts in South Florida!

Join us on Sept. 25, 2020 to gain FORWARD MOTION. Register Here. 

Join a limited group of fellow business owners, entrepreneurs and South Florida influencers at this conference-workshop program designed to empower you with business-building ideas to create more sales, more confidence and more techniques to make 2020 your best year yet!  Join us in Miramar, Florida Sept.  25, 2020.

Get great tips to gain forward motion to grow your business. Network with like minded business leaders. Pick up great execution tips that you can apply to your business the very next day. Get 1 to 1 coaching, view the workshops online and get motivated to build your business!

Prof. Ken - Forward Motion Organizer and Speaker


Meet the Speakers and Educators

Prof. Ken | Forward Motion 2020

Prof. Ken Ninomiya

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
  • YouTube

Prof. Ken is a growth marketing expert strategic leader, speaker, trainer, author, professor and founder of

Prof. Paul Marino | Forward Motion 2020

Prof. Paul Marino

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Paul has successfully built 3 million-dollar companies. He is now the founder of a non-profit organization that helps to educate foster children in Miami.

Prof. Dave Hinks | Forward Motion 2020

Prof. Dave Hinkes

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

David is a native Miami Beachian who has been selling and managing his whole life. He conducted executive education and professional association seminars


Monique Catoggio

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
  • YouTube - Black Circle

A Certified Professional Coach, Trainer, and Energy Healer who combines mindful leadership and holistic well being to help awaken leaders to the fullness of their lives.

The best speakers and educators that South Florida has to offer, all in one place!

Imagine gaining actionable tips to create FORWARD MOTION from 4 of South Florida's top pros who specialize in building business, sales, marketing and personal development. Every speaker shares great tips in their speaking sessions and during the hands-on workshops you will gain additional concepts in a smaller group setting.

Get an All-Access ticket and have one-on-one conversations with our expert speakers. Register Here.

Get FREE Access to our

FORWARD MOTION Resource Section.


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Our Host

At UIC you will find that everybody is considered an entrepreneur, in your classes you will be given the tools to create your own business and direct it in a positive way. 

The Forward Motion 2020 Business Conference and Workshops is Designed for you: the business leader…

If you’re struggling to start or grow your business and keep up with the ever-changing nature of the new business environment the Forward Motion 2020 Business Conference and Workshop is for you. Many business owners are just like you. They could use more direction and guidance so they move forward with confidence. 


You’re not alone. Thousands of businesses experience these same struggles daily. Now there is a conference that will help you create FORWARD MOTION  to help you change everything. Register Here.

This could be you:

  • Imagine keeping up with important trends and knowing exactly how to successfully implement the latest techniques.

  • Imagine getting 3X ROI every time you make a business investment.

  • Imagine having all the wisdom you need to support every marketing decision you make.

  • Imagine forming relationships with people who become your go-to group of peers who you can ask any question or present any new idea.

  • Imagine having complete confidence with every strategy and tactic you implement or present to your boss, colleagues, or clients.

  • Imagine connecting with people who speak your language, understand your challenges, and get you.

  • Imagine knowing you are up-to-date with everything that matters, and never having to worry about missing crucial information.


This is why we created the FORWARD MOTION 2020 conference.  We give business owners and entrepreneurs like you the ability to get all the information you need in one place, personally connect with top experts in South Florida, form lifetime relationships that’ll help you year-round, and gain the confidence you need to gain FORWARD MOTION. Register Here.

What's Included with registration?

Get all of the tools you need to gain FORWARD MOTION, all in one place!

Imagine getting the tools you need to immediately grow your business. We include workbooks, networking, expert session, Social Media Assessment, Professional Headshot, Lunch, Door Prizes and more. See some of the things you'll get when you join the FORWARD MOTION conference. REGISTER HERE.


80 South Florida's business owners will be in attendance for idea exchanges.


4 of the top professionals and Professors South Florida has to offer!


FREE Workbooks. Every session and workshop includes a hands-on workbook.

Expert help

Have questions? Need Advice? Ask our expert panel to help you move forward.


Build your connections with 5 Networking sessions! An Free Conference App!


Every Attendee gets a FREE Headshot for use of social media.


Every attendee will get a FREE social media assesment.

Online Videos

Every attendee gets access to exclusive online videos and lessons. 


Every Attendee gets lunch! Break bread and network.

1 to 1 coach

Every attendee can book a 15-minute 1 to 1 session with one of our Speakers !

Who attends?

The attendees are what makes FORWARD MOTION so unique. Most work for (or own) businesses with fewer than 100 employees. They include professional leaders, marketers, consultants, agency owners, sales managers, and corporate managers. These are people just like you who are success-driven, looking to connect with others, and develop a plan to gain FORWARD MOTION..




If a shark stops moving, it will die. All sharks have to constantly swim forward to take in oxygen over their gills so they can breathe. Our workshops are designed to deliver FORWARD MOTION and breath new oxygen into your business! Be a shark, keep moving forward! 

Everyone attends all workshops!

We use a rotation schedule.

We want all attendees to attend every 30-minute workshop. Each attendee will be assigned a rotation to ensure they are prepared with Forward Motion concepts. Every attendee will meet all speakers and be able to work with each of them.

 Workshop #1  

Digital Marketing

for Growth

Prof. Ken Ninomiya

 Workshop #2  


Entrepreneur Spirit

Prof. Paul Marino

 Workshop #3  



Prof. Dave Hinkes

 Workshop #4  

7 Digital Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business! Oh yea. They are all FREE to implement and take only 10 minutes to do! This seminar will provide you concepts to move your business forward online.

Learn more.

Start Ups are recognized at the business beginning. You need tough

skin and a start-up attitude to  succeed. This seminar will help you capture that s tart-up attitude to help you create forward motion.

Learn more.

One of the smartest ways to retool your business is to have a strategy. That all starts with targeted goals. Get deep insight in developing your 2020 plan with S.M.A.R.T goals.

Learn more.

Lay the groundwork for understanding the importance of knowing and leveraging your strengths as a leader/entrepreneur.

Learn more.



Registration & Networking 1

9:00am - 9:30am

Keynote Speakers- Session 1

9:30am - 10:00am

Keynote Speakers-Session 2

10:00am - 10:15am

10:15am - 10:45am


Workshop Session 2


11:30am - 12:00pm

12:00pm - 12:45pm

Lunch and Networking 4

12:45pm - 1:15pm

1:15pm - 2:00pm

Ask the Experts Session

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Wind Down and Networking 5



We encourage you to visit out sponsors page. They are FORWARD MOTION business owners like you.  Click here to become a sponsor. slogan 2019.jpg
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Forward Motion 2020

September  25, 2020 

Miramar, Florida 33027

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