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How does an internship program work?

A professional learning opportunity known as an internship provides students with relevant, hands-on work that is connected to their area of study or career interest. A student can explore and enhance their career while learning new skills through an internship.

What benefits does an internship offer?

Before starting your job hunt, internships provide you the chance to network with professionals in your field of interest, which will be helpful later on. Additionally, it's a great way to add relevant experience to your resume and even secure references.

What qualifications are needed for an internship?

Typically, internships last a semester for a part-time commitment of no more than 20 hours a week. Students typically need to put in at least 150 hours of work over the course of the term in order to receive college credit for an internship. The majority of the time, summer internships necessitate a full-time work schedule.

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