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Meet the Speakers and Educators

The best speakers and educators that South Florida has to offer, all in one place!

Imagine gaining actionable tips to create FORWARD MOTION from South Florida's top pros who specialize in building business, sales, marketing and personal development. Every speaker shares great tips in their speaking sessions and during the hands-on workshops you will gain additional concepts in a smaller group setting.

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Monique Catoggio

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Monique Catoggio is committed to bringing the fullness of life back to leaders. Founder and creator of the The Fire and Flow Circle™, and R.I.S.E. System™, Monique strives to raise the vibration of leaders in their work and daily life. With her nearly 25 years of experience working with leaders and entrepreneurs, Monique's unique combination of tools and wisdom helps her clients find their unique flow and thrive. 


Monique helps leaders wake up fully to their lives through educational, holistic, ancient and innovative modalities. She believes that it is only through understanding one’s own nature that true potential can be met and whole life success achieved. Through Monique’s programs leaders come into knowing themselves more deeply while raising productivity, profitability and overall happiness and well-being.  In short, Monique is a visionary that helps others see.  She believes that when leaders are in alignment with their own unique nature, they become masterful leaders both in the workplace and at home. Her work is tailored for the individual leaders that want to go deeper, getting a life and leadership transformation that creates highly-conscious teams that thrive. Monique’s mission is to create conscious leaders, workplaces and families. Read Monique's story at:


She is fun-loving "Mom" to Jacob (21) and Nia (15), and supportive wife of 23 years to fellow entrepreneur and Emmy Award winner, Billy "C", founder and CEO of Scuba Nation.

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Prof. Dave Hinkes

Dr. Dave Hinkes, a Spanish bilingual native Miami Beachian for a half-century, is an Assistant Professor of Marketing-Faculty of the Practice @ Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U (ERAU). and Adjunct Professor of Marketing/Management/Leadership @ Miami Dade College (MDC). Dave was a former Professor of Marketing/Management @ Sullivan University (SU) Graduate School of Business in Louisville, Kentucky after a 7Y stint as Chair/Associate Professor of Management/Marketing @ Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) based in Harrogate, Tennessee.


Dave holds dual doctorates in Management and Marketing from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida and all seven available professional sales and marketing certifications from the three different accrediting bodies. Dave has 27 years of corporate sales/marketing experience in the document management services outsourcing industry. Dave is CEO of Hink, Inc., a management/marketing/sales training/coaching/keynote speech consultancy, since 1991 ( Dave’s book (now in its 3rd Edition) Selling by Objectives (SBO): The Handbook for More Profitability in the 21st Century has received rave reviews.


Dave is married to Deb, his supermodel for 38 years and they have 3 ‘kids’…Jenny-36, Missy-33, & Steve-30. His hobbies are reading, jogging, bowling, table tennis (ping pong), theatre, football, basketball, and music.

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Prof. Paul Marino

Workshop: The Entrepreneur Spirit

Miami Lakes resident, businessman and educator, Paul A. Marino, founded Guardian Watch, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 and its Managed Education Program to assist At-Risk Youth and to give back to the local community.


The objective was to assist local “At Risk” Students and address racial inequality through mentoring, tutoring, education advocacy and career development.


The Managed Educational program which was developed by industry professionals and implemented by state certified educators/professionals and psychologists is offered free of charge to qualifying youths without regard to their background, socio economic status, race, gender or orientation. Its aim is to address social injustice and inequality wherever it’s encountered.


Our goal is to foster a climate where “At-Risk” youth can become lifelong learners, self sufficient and responsible citizens who can make a contribution to our society.


Guardian Watch, Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries are committed to an open source platform and stand ready to assist any community organization working towards providing a positive impact on our community. In addition we strive to work alongside local and national social agencies to provide better outcomes to the population we both serve.

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Prof. Ken Ninomiya

Prof. Ken is an award-winning growth marketing expert, speaker, trainer, author, professor and founder of Prof. Ken specializes in acquiring customers, keeping customers and building long term customer lifetime value.

Prof. Ken has successfully educated, trained and motivated high-performance sales and marketing teams providing international seminars and workshops applying unique “hands-on” marketing techniques that have earned marketing and sales awards including Small Business Strategy Firm of the Year U.S. - 2013, Readers’ Choice Award-2012, Best New Toy Product-2009, Best New Product in Industry-2008, Best New Product in Category-2008.

He has successfully launched $100M+ of CPG products, creating new business models and executing successful market strategies for leading global brands of multi-national companies. Prof. Ken has a passion for teaching business and has authored a series of workbooks to teach kids and young adults marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Prof. Ken is originally from Queens, New York and currently resides in South Florida with his family and wife of 22 years. He is a Baseball enthusiast, enjoys a great concert and an avid learner and practitioner of digital marketing strategies.

Prof. Ken | Forward Motion 2020
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If a shark stops moving, it will die. All sharks have to constantly swim forward to take in oxygen over their gills so they can breathe. Our workshops are designed to deliver FORWARD MOTION and breath new oxygen into your business! Be a shark, keep moving forward! 

Everyone attends all workshops!

We use a rotation schedule.

We want all attendees to attend every 30-minute workshop. Each attendee will be assigned a rotation to ensure they are prepared with Forward Motion concepts. Every attendee will meet all speakers and be able to work with each of them.

 Workshop #1  

Digital Marketing

for Growth

Prof. Ken Ninomiya

 Workshop #2  


Entrepreneur Spirit

Prof. Paul Marino

 Workshop #3  



Prof. Dave Hinkes

 Workshop #4  

7 Digital Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business! Oh yea. They are all FREE to implement and take only 10 minutes to do! This seminar will provide you concepts to move your business forward online.

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Start Ups are recognized at the business beginning. You need tough

skin and a start-up attitude to  succeed. This seminar will help you capture that s tart-up attitude to help you create forward motion.

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One of the smartest ways to retool your business is to have a strategy. That all starts with targeted goals. Get deep insight in developing your 2020 plan with S.M.A.R.T goals.

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Lay the groundwork for understanding the importance of knowing and leveraging your strengths as a leader/entrepreneur.

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